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Fishing in Lapland

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in Lapland. Fishing is possible on most lakes, rivers, and sea areas. There are plenty of waters in Lapland, so enthusiasts can easily select wilderness areas or locations in city centres for fishing.

Perch and pike are some of the most common fish that are caught. In some water areas it is also possible to find zander, whitefish, and salmonids.

Allowed fishing methods are spinning and fly fishing.



Angling and ice fishing are popular, and free in Lapland on lakes and ponds. Before going fishing, remember to make sure that the water area is not protected. You can check this on the (in Finnish) service.

The most important permit for fishing is the Fisheries management fee, which is the standard fishing permit in Lapland. The fee is required of all between the ages of 18 an 64 who fish. Once you have paid the Fisheries management fee you are allowed to fish on lakes, ponds, and sea areas with a single fishing permit.

Before starting to fish, remember to make sure that the water area is not protected (, in Finnish).

Those who are under the age of 18 or over 65 are allowed to fish using a single rod without payment of a fee or a permit in water areas where fishing is not restricted.

The Fisheries management fee can be paid through the Erä service!



Fishing is easiest to start in the company of a guide. The guides ( know the best locations, fishing methods, and the mandatory permits.