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Photo Hide


Neljän Tuulen Tupa is a small hotel located in the Kaamanen area. The structure is surrounded by unspoiled nature, where silence reigns, making it even more magical and offering a unique experience for anyone who stays there. The hotel is internationally famous for the opportunity to observe some of the most sought-after bird species of the boreal forests, such as the Pine Grosbeak and the Siberian Jay.
For over 12 years, Agle and Mika have taken care of the various feeders located around the structure to feed the different species of birds and mammals that frequent the area throughout the year. However, this comes at an exorbitant price, which, in recent years, with the constant rise in the price of sunflower seeds, has put the continuation of this activity in jeopardy.
For this reason, Skua Nature Group, a global project dedicated to enhancing sustainable nature tourism, has decided to come to the aid of Tuulen Tupa by building a special feeding area and a brand new photographic hide, to generate a positive economic impact that will allow the continuation of this activity.
Clients will be able to admire the different species from inside the restaurant, while for the more eager, with a small contribution, there will be the possibility of accessing an exclusive outdoor area surrounded by nature and animals which can be photographed freely.
Photographers will have the option of sitting in the open air photographing the birds in the feeders or having a real session in Skua Nature’s new photographic hide. The entire income from the project will serve to ensure that this activity can continue in the future, allowing the many passing birdwatchers and photographers to continue to be able to enjoy this unique experience.



The project has been divided into two areas: one for free access, without limitations, and respecting the experience that until now all photographers have been able to try for free, while a limited access area has been defined that offers the possibility of photographing the different target species of the area more easily and more closely. Going down a staircase, you arrive at an old wooden cottage, where you can choose between sitting in the open air to photograph the species thanks to the setting up of feeders and perches or entering the house to access the photographic hide. Upon entering, you are surrounded by a feeling of peace and warmth; the ideal place where photographers can gather and relax while enjoying a hot drink in front of the fireplace while consulting magazines and books about ornithology. The spacious living room opens directly into the brand-new hide. It allows a view of Lake Hastima, and thanks to even more performing perches set up for naturalistic photography, it will be possible to immortalize the different species and obtain more professional results. Skua Nature specializes in nature photography and photographic hides, and, thanks to its experience in the sector, the hide will be able to meet the expectations of photographers, considering their technical shooting needs.